The developer of Space Engineers, Keen Software, and the Yogscast, the center for the most watched UK-based channels on YouTube, have come to a rather interesting (and perhaps disturbing) agreement.

The partnership will have the Yogscast producing a series of Space Engineer focused videos across their channels, the largest of which has over 7 million subscribers. In addition, there will also be a number of Yogscast branded items available for players through the Steam Workshop for the game.

It doesn't stop there though. As part of this partnership, the Yogscast will take a small portion of sales revenues for Space Engineers for the month of July. I bet your head just cocked a bit to the side at that one. It's alright, that tends to happen.
Mark Turpin, Yogscast CEO:

YogDiscovery being their new company program that will introduce fans of the company to new games. In turn, it will allow developers a chance to reach a rather massive pool of gamers that may have otherwise gone untapped.