As was rumored, Amazon has launched a new set-top box that already has streaming fans positively giddy. It's called Amazon Fire TV and not only was it announced today, but it also began shipping today for just $99 (USD).

It's an Android powered device that lets you stream a wide variety of content to your television. It has support for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Showtime, ESPN, Vevo, Pandora, and more. Beyond that, if you pay an additional $40, you will get a controller. The controller will, you guessed it, allow you to play a variety of Android based titles through the device to your TV. It will also be usable with a custom smartphone app that Amazon plans to release next month.

The system will support local multiplayer for up to 7 players at one time. Amazon states that the average price for a game on Fire TV is $1.85. For the launch, Amazon promises more than 100 games will be available including Amazon's own third-person shooter Sev Zero and Minecraft - Pocket Edition from Mojang. They were also quick to note that the device will have more than 1,000 free-to-play games available.

Under the hood, Amazon claims it sports a quad-core CPU, dedicated GPU, 8GB of storage, and 2GB of memory. They say it's three times more powerful than Apple TV or Roku. The device comes with an included remote that has voice search and navigation built in. You can find out a ton more at the Amazon page listing for the Amazon Fire TV.