Let's face it, the Twitch chat is known for being horrible. Yet, someone had the great idea to use that horribleness as inputs for a bot to play Pokemon live to the people that are trying to control the game.

The idea is simple. You watch the stream (also embedded below) at the TwitchPlaysPokemon Twitch channel. You join the chat. You say a command like "up" or "down" and the bot takes each of those commands and actually inputs them into the game.

Right now, there are over 24,000 people watching and participating in this. Yes, it's just as much of a terrible and awesome idea as it sounds.

To put things into perspective: This has been going on for over three days straight now. Since typing this, I have watched the character walk back and forth for about five minutes, open up the menu about 20 times, and stare at various walls for a while.