Crystal Dynamics says that Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition will feature better visuals than even the PC version of the non-definitive edition. The Definitive Edition is slated for release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Sure, I'll bite. So what does Crystal Dynamics planned that will make it better than the already graphically superior PC version of the game?
Speaking specifically to the differences between the Definitive Edition and the PC version, Amos stated that the next-gen versions of the game use upgraded character models for Lara and all of the major story NPCs in the game, in addition to the TressFX and higher-resolution textures that were already available on PC.

Additionally, special materials have been added to Lara that change dynamically when she travels through rain or water, wades through mud, or gets blood on herself. An upgraded physics system on the character now affects the items she carries on herself, too, reacting accordingly when she runs, jumps and stumbles. Finally, The next-gen versions of the game also feature a new particle system, new lighting work, enhanced shadows, and other improved graphical details, such as debris, details on walls, more environmental vegetation and so on. These feature updated physics as well, such as wind affecting trees and leaves.

The Definitive Edition includes all of the previously released DLC for the game, including maps, outfits, characters, digital comic, artbook, and documentary. They continue on to say that it will run at 1080p on both platforms but did not comment on what framerate it will run at on either platform. There is also no mention of any AA being utilized.

In addition, there has been no words about any of these updates coming to the PC version of the game through an update. There is also no mention at all about it coming as a stand alone product for the PC either. Gee thanks, Crystal Dynamics!

(via Siliconera)