The latest Humble Weekly Sale just went live and includes games from ACE Team, ATLUS Games, and Tripwire Interactive. Again, simply pay what you want for up to six games (at present) while benefiting either charity, the developers, or as a tip for the Humble crew.
The Humble Weekly Sale features a new deal every Thursday. Be sure to jump on this amazing offer before it's gone! This week, pay what you want for Zeno Clash, Zeno Clash 2, Killing Floor and Dwarfs!?! If you pay $6 or more, you'll also receive Rock of Ages and Rising Storm!

All games will be redeemable through Steam and available on Windows. Killing Floor and Dwarfs!? are also available for Mac and Linux. The charities once again include Red Cross and the Child's Play Charity.

Humble also still has the Humble Jumbo Bundle with a bunch of games such as Natural Selection 2, Sanctum 2, Garry's Mod, and more.

There is also the month long Humble Bungle for the Yogscast charity drive. That bundle has all proceeds going to Oxfam, SpecialEffect, Little People UK, GamesAid, and War Child. You can get a bunch of games if you pay $25 or more or pay $5 or more to get the Heart of Gold TF2 item.