Check out these four new screenshots for Contrast, a game that has you manipulating and using shadows to solve a variety of puzzles.

In CONTRAST, you take on the role of Dawn, the imaginary friend of Didi, an independent, adventure-loving nine year-old girl hoping to reunite her parents. As you spend time with Didi, you will cast light on a shadowy story, exploring an adult world as seen through the eyes of this little girl.

Play as Dawn and manipulate light sources to distort, enlarge or stretch the 2D shadowscape, and combine that with your shadow shifting powers to help solve the many puzzles surrounding Didi's troubled family. Delivering a captivating ambiance of the brilliance of film noir mixed with the tease of burlesque and infusing an original, sultry jazz soundtrack, CONTRAST enthrals with every plot twist.

Pre-orders are available right now on Steam for 25% off of the normal price. Steam users will also get access to the OST for the game, which includes 15 music tracks, along with a 52-page art book. The game is also going to hit retail outlets and will be available on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Want a trailer that was released about a week ago? You got it!