You think Valve is just using a dartboard at this point for new Fest ideas?
Dinos vs. Robots Fest on Steam from February 26 through March 4 at 10AM PT

Valve just passed along word that the next Steam Fest will begin next week on February 26th. From the 26th through to March 4th at 10AM (PT), Steam's Dinos vs. Robots Fest will be live.

This Fest will once again include a full week of discounts, demos, streams, and more on all games related to dinosaurs, games with robots, and maybe even some games with dinosaurs and robots.

The Fest will be live on the Dinos vs. Robots category page on Steam once the 26th rolls around. Apparently there are enough games out there that falls under this category already that Steam already had an entire category dedicated to it. Who knew.