Heed their warnings or run the risk of a VAC ban.
An item menu showing several different weapons and a variety of weapon skins for Counter-Strike 2.

The latest driver release from AMD, version 23.10.1 (dated October 11, 2023), could potentially get you VAC banned from Counter-Strike 2. These newest drivers from AMD allow players to turn on AMD's new Anti-Lag+ feature in Counter-Strike 2. Anti-Lag+ being a way to reduce latency in games, similar to Nvidia Reflex.

Valve took to Twitter to plainly say that if you have these new drivers, you should not enable Anti-Lag+ for Counter-Strike 2. They say that the way in which Anti-Lag+ is implemented for Counter-Strike 2 will "detour" engine DLL functions. This could result in a VAC ban from Counter-Strike 2 as the anti-cheat flags any tampering with the code as malicious.

The good news here, if there is any to be had, is that Valve plans on identifying users that are already affected and who got VAC banned as a result of this. They say that they will begin to issue ban reversals to those impacted by this once AMD ships an update to their drivers. Still, if you haven't enabled Anti-Lag+ in Counter-Strike 2, continue to keep it disabled until this is resolved.