There are enough base building games out there that Valve is dedicating an entire Fest to them.
Visual art with the words "Steam Base Builder Fest - January 23 - Jan a30 at 10 AM Pacific" over a stylized yellow, purple, and orange background with building cranes and unfinished buildings in the background.

There is apparently no shortage of base building games out there on the market. There are so many of them, in fact, that Valve is able to dedicate an entire Steam Fest to just this game type.

From January 23 at 10AM (PT) through January 30 at 10AM (PT), the Steam Base Builder Fest will be held. As with most Steam Fests, this one will feature plenty of discounts on games, only this time the focus will be on base building games. You will be able to partake of the Steam Base Builder Fest on the main Steam page once it kicks off on the 23rd.