Now everybody knows how many hours you spent playing Cookie Clicker.

Valve just dropped a nice little surprise on every Steam user today. As the Steam Winter Sale continues on in full force, Valve released the Steam Replay. This neat little feature shows Steam users a look back on their year of gaming for 2022.

Steam Replay is a personalized look back at how you spent your time playing Steam games throughout 2022. See your most played games. See how many new Achievements you unlocked. See what games you played using mouse and keyboard versus using a controller. Hell, they even have monthly breakdowns on how much of your time you spent in your most played games throughout the year. Want to know which month was your least productive? Steam Replay will tell you!

Infographic showing the most played games for Zips on Steam. Text says 159 games played (top 0.3% of players), 807 achievements, 1190 sessions, 112 new games. The top most played games are Destiny 2 at 13%, Elden Ring at 8%, Battlefield 2042 at 7%, Dying Light 2 Stay Human at 4%, and Days Gone at 4%.

For instance, 13% of my total gaming time in 2022 was spent playing Destiny 2, with second place being Elden Ring at 8%, and Battlefield 2042 having a strong showing at 7% despite not playing it at all from February through May. While I may not have a Steam Deck, those that do have a Steam Deck will get some bonus stat breakdown showing the most played Steam Deck titles.

Valve put together a short blog post talking about the Steam Replay, should you want to read through that. Valve also released an official Steam Replay video. Before we get to that, they also want to remind everyone that the Steam Winter Sale continues on until January 5 at 10AM (PT).