Valve pushed out updates today for Steam and Team Fortress 2.
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We have two whole updates to share with you today courtesy of Valve. The first is word of a new Steam client update. The second is an update that was released today for Team Fortress 2. It's like a NewsBits, but smaller and potentially way less interesting.

In addition to today's Team Fortress 2 update, there was an update released just yesterday that kicked off the Scream Fortress XIV event, bringing some Halloween scares and items to the game.

Steam Client Update for October 6, 2022

Sign In UI
  • Updated sign in UI look and feel

Games to Play Together
  • Allow friend search by nickname or persona name
  • Include free to play games that have been played by the friend in Games to Play Together filters
  • Fixed issue with “Find Games to Play with Friends” showing games that your friend is sharing with you

  • Fixed text display cropping issue with library filter tags

Steam Cloud
  • Fixed showing “Cloud Sync Failure” dialog on game launch when in Offline mode

In-Game Overlay
  • Improve overlay responsiveness in some edge cases for users with large friends lists or large numbers of incoming friends requests.

Remote Play
  • Fixed rare cases of keyboard input arriving out of order​
Team Fortress 2 Update for October 6, 2022
  • Fixed missing model for the More Gun Marshal
  • Fixed broken material for the Dustbowl Devil
  • Fixed missing style strings for Halloween cosmetic items
  • Fixed style for Beaten and Bruised cosmetic not hiding the hat/headphones
  • Fixed missing image for the Strange Filter: Bonesaw (Community)
  • Fixed Alcoholic Automaton equip_region conflicting with the Pocket Yeti
  • Fixed rigging issue with the Horror Shawl
  • Fixed scaling issues with the Malevolent Monoculi and Haunted Forever particle effects
  • Fixed material transparency issue with the Pungent Poison particle effect
  • Fixed missing Halloween 2022 Case image on the Soul Gargoyle's collections
  • Fixed incorrect descriptions for new community map stamps
  • Fixed equip_regions for The Turncoat and Safety Stripes
  • Added missing No Headphones style for The Masked Fiend
  • Updated Taunt: Drunk Mann's Cannon
    • Fixed taunt sounds not always playing
    • Fixed incorrect delays between flair opportunities
  • Updated koth_sawmill_event
    • Fixed players sometimes spawning inside each other
  • Updated plr_hacksaw_event
    • Fixed not being able to push the Red cart
    • Fixed missing materials in resupply closets
    • Fixed Horseless Headless Horsemann not being visible​