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Remember when Steam was still in its infancy and every update was a relatively major news event? Those have largely gone by the wayside these days as Steam updates are a dime a dozen and outside of a new feature here or there, there really isn't much to write about when a new update lands.

Today's update is no different. Frankly, I'm just writing about this new update because I happened to see that it was just released, and I felt like getting another news article up.

What's in today's update? Well, it has a bunch of fixes for the client and Steam Input. It's not that this is a "bad" update, it's just not the same as it used to be when it comes to Steam updates. Ah, to go back to the age when Steam was still green, literally.

  • Fixed resource usage of chat and web browser in Steam Overlay when hidden
  • Fixed playback of certain game preview videos in Steam Client
  • Fixed a case where Steamworks API calls could be briefly blocked by Steam client log file operations leading to micro-stutter in some games under very specific situations
  • Fixed the Steam Overlay not working with Vulkan 1.3 applications
  • Fixed crashes with Vulkan games using VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_library

Steam Cloud
  • Fixed issue causing some users to be unable to disable Cloud Sync for their account.
  • Fixed for app launch stall if there are sync conflicts but Cloud Sync is disabled for the game or account

Steam Input
  • Added support for Nintendo Online classic controllers
  • Added support for the Qanba Obsidian and Dragon Arcade Joysticks
  • Added support for the HORI Fighting Stick mini 4
  • Show firmware update dialog for DualSense(tm) Wireless Controllers on Windows
  • Enable improved rumble emulation on DualSense(tm) Wireless Controllers with updated firmware
  • Fixed the "Your other games" section in the desktop version of the configurator not showing results
  • Fixed incorrect controller configuration loading when starting a Remote Play stream

Remote Play
  • Fix showing incorrect Steam Cloud Sync Failure for remote games

  • Fixed resource usage of chat and browsers when Steam client is minimized/closed

  • Fixed Steam Overlay not displaying in some Metal games

  • Fixed Steam Overlay "Force Quit" not working for some native Linux games
  • Fixed some games being unable to create desktop shortcuts
  • Fixed the Steam client triggering "split lock" warnings