The first batch of many, many more to come.
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With the Steam Deck set to begin shipping by the end of February, we sort of expected that we would soon see the first games to be Steam Deck Verified. Lo and behold, those first games have started to crop up.

While these games may not show their Verified status on their Store pages (though there is a workaround, which we talk about below), the SteamDB website is able to track these verifications as they happen. Right now, the list contains just 67 titles out of the roughly 60,000 titles that are currently available on Steam. Unfortunately, out of those 67 games listed not all of them are actually Verified.

The only surefire way to see if a game is Verified or not is to check out its listing. If you click on a game's AppID through SteamDB, you will be taken to an information page for that game. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see "Steam Deck Compatibility" listed. There, you will see the current status of the game in the verification system.

Games that meet all of the criteria for being ready for the Steam Deck will be given a "Verified" status. You can see this in games like Rogue Legacy 2. Other games, like Valheim, currently sit with a "Playable" status. This means that there are some minor issues but the game is otherwise still "playable" on a Steam Deck. These issues could be anything from incorrect button icons appearing next to prompts to text being too small. The last category is "Unsupported" meaning the games have major issues and are not deemed to be playable on the Steam Deck. This can currently be seen with Persona 4 Golden and a handful of VR titles (Steam Deck does not officially support VR).

If you don't want to go through SteamDB to see these listings, you can try a workaround to see the verification status in your browser. Reddit user Priception_Offical provided the following workaround for those that really want it.

  1. You need Firefox on Windows, Mac or Linux. (May work with other browsers but idk)
  2. Press CTRL + Shift + M on an open tab
  3. Set the Resolution to 900x800
  4. Click the Settings icon at the top left (right below "Other Bookmarks") and enable "Show User Agent"
  5. Type "Valve Steam Gamepad" into "UA" textbox word for word. Press Enter.
  6. Make sure "Touch Simulation" (next to UA) is disabled.
  7. Go to and browse through some games.
Valve says that the initial tests will be smaller in scale for the next week or two. Testing will really start to ramp up in the period before and after the first units start going out.