Features a full new campaign, new animations, weapons, and more.
Left 4 Dead 2 - The Last Stand

Left 4 Dead 2 is about to make its own return to the land of the living with one more massive update. Members of the Left 4 Dead 2 community have been working with Valve to bring the world the upcoming update, The Last Stand.

The Last Stand promises to bring a ton of new content to a game that hasn't had a proper content update in years. On September 24, you can expect a full new campaign, 30 new achievements, 26 new Survival maps, 4 new Scavenge maps, new voice lines, new melee weapons, and more.

The community released a quick list of the highlights coming in this update.

With this update, you can look forward to all of the following:
  • The Last Stand campaign - The survivors decide to take an alternate path in hopes of salvation, but is this path truly safe?
  • 30 brand new achievements - New and unique milestones to strive for!
  • 26 new survival maps - How long can you survive against the endless hordes?
  • 4 new scavenge maps - Wait, people still play scavenge?
  • 2 brand new melee weapons - Hunt down a Jockey with the pitchfork or whack it with the shovel. Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • L4D1 infected - The L4D1 infected are back, and they're bloodier than ever!
  • New and previously unused voicelines for survivors - Rochelle has a personality now!
  • New character animations - New, improved and overhauled animations by our skilled modding team!
  • Reworked gun models and animations - The guns now behave more like real guns!
  • PvP enhancements and balance changes - New attack spots, new tank spawns, and hundreds of new infected ladders for the competitive modes!
  • Official implementation of CSS weapons - The CSS weapons are now available to everyone!
  • Brand new mutations Rocketdude and Tank run - Ever wanted to launch yourself around with a grenade launcher, or run away from hordes of tanks? We've got you covered.
  • Improved UI options - Singleplayer option for more gamemodes, Versus Survival is officially brought to the main menu, easier gamemode switching, and new outro stats!
  • Hundreds of bug and exploit fixes - The days of falling through elevators are gone!
On top of this, there is a planned free weekend for Left 4 Dead 2 when this update drops. Again, The Last Stand will be released on September 24. You can check out the official trailer below, as created by the community.