In case you wanted to have less money.
Steam Summer Sale 2020

If you were somehow blissfully unaware of it, today marks the start of the Steam Summer Sale for this glorious year that is 2020. If you are smart, you are still probably staying at home away from people and the world. That means you are probably busy playing far more games than normal. It's a good thing this sale is starting so that you can get even more games for your quarantine lifestyle.

The sale runs from June 25 through July 9 at 10AM (PT). Once again you will see savings on thousands of games. You will earn points for all of your purchases, which allow you to buy Steam cosmetics at the Points Shop.

The Points Shop features dozens of Summer Sale souvenir options for you to collect, including new animated stickers and chat effects, profile backgrounds, mini-profile backgrounds, avatars, avatar frames, and more! Plus, discover hundreds of profile backgrounds and emoticons associated with your favorite games, now available in exchange for Steam Points.

In celebration of summer, you can also claim your free animated stickers at our road trip destinations over the course of the next two weeks. Plus, save an additional $5 when you spend $30 during the sale, or the equivalent in your country.
Valve gives a special shoutout to Australia who, unlike those in the Northern Hemisphere, are currently enjoying Winter. The Steam Summer Sale cares not for this North/South divide, because even Australians can save big during this sale.