Entire publisher catalogs have disappeared.
Banned on Steam

Last night, Valve pulled almost 1,000 games from Steam. Entire publisher catalogs were wiped out, leaving many to wonder just what happened.

It seems as though nearly all of the games in question were almost all tied to a single Russian publisher, Dagestan Technology. This publisher appeared to operate under a large number of different names. The list of banned games, found here across nearly four pages, are probably games you've never heard of before unless you dove deep into Steam's colossal library.

Valve, in a statement to PCGamer, says that they "discovered a handful of partners that were abusing some Steamworks tools." Valve reportedly emailed all of those impacted by this mass ban wave.

Though most of those nearly 1,000 titles are what you would consider to be shovelware, there were a couple of actually legitimate games that got caught in the ban. One of which was Neon Drive, a game that apparently had a prior connection to the banned publisher. However, the developer of Neon Drive has not worked with Dagestan Technology in quite some time. Since the ban occured, it looks like the legitimate games, including Neon Drive, have since returned to Steam.