Dota 2 Outlanders update

There are a lot of changes in today's 7.23 update.

Dota 2 was updated today. That's the short version. The long version is enough to fill up a MASSIVE dedicated page over at Valve has made some significant changes to the game. There are so many changes here that this update even has a dedicated name: The Outlanders Update.

This update adds in two new Heroes: Void Spirit and Snapfire. This update also now allows every player to have their own courier. Couriers now also gain levels with you. Couriers can now also use general items at level 25, so long as they don't need mana to be used.

Heroes can now level up to 30, which will essentially unlock the entire talent tree. However, the respawn timer does not increase past level 25. The map layout has also apparently changed (maybe?). Items have been moved around from shops. Shops themselves have moved.

A new neutral building type was added called Outposts. These are located where the Side Shops used to be found. If you take control of an Outpost will grant your side bonus XP once captured and every five minutes that you hold the Outpost. It also provides vision to your team in the area and your team can also teleport to the Outpost if desired.

Valve also added in a bunch of new items and changed some items up. Neutrals now drop unique items that cannot be sold but can be shared with your team. Over five different tiers are 62 new items that can be picked up.

It's a big update and I haven't played Dota since it was a mod for Warcraft 3 called DotA Allstars and I was still in college. So me trying to explain any of this to you is really just an exercise in frustration for me. If you want to check out all of the changes for yourself, you can read up on them at The Outlanders Update page on

Dota 2 is still very much a free-to-play game available on Steam.