Valve just rolled out a fresh update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this evening that makes some adjustments to three maps. These maps are none other than Vertigo, Nuke, and Abbey. The biggest changes tonight hit Vertigo and Abbey, with Nuke receiving only little bitty fix.

As always, the update will be automatically applied via Steam.

Changelog for CS:GO for April 2, 2019

  • Fixed line of sight traces for weapon pickup rules to ignore debris.
  • Fixed several HUD elements to respect cl_drawhud and cl_draw_only_deathnotices settings.

  • Replaced red fence section at top of A ramp (Thanks SPUNJ!)
  • Fixed pixel gaps on bombsite boxes
  • Raised floor of B stairs pit by 64 units
  • Reduced wallbang damage from CT elevator room towards T entrance to mid
  • Increased height of crane concrete base on A site
  • Improved visibility from B site towards T stairs
  • Added cover on right side when exiting stairs to B/exiting window
  • Fixed pixel gap from T spawn towards B catwalk
  • Fixed slight gaps between tarp sections on scaffolding
  • Fixed unintended boost on scaffolding at A ramp
  • Blocked weapons from being dropped underneath A ramp
  • Blocked weapons from being dropped underneath A site crane
  • Blocked players from going on the outside of ibeams in T spawn
  • Simplified collision on top of scaffolding models
  • Fixed various clipping bugs (thanks bonna97!)

  • Fixed C4 stuck spot outside near silo

  • Removed gate model on B bombsite
  • Added fence on B long once again
  • Removed wheelbarrow on B long
  • Opened up a skybox to B bombsite allowing grenades being thrown from upper CT spawn as well as middle
  • Rotated crates on B bombsite
  • Moved big crate on B bombsite
  • Added tree for cover on B long
  • Extended wooden building on B
  • Improved clipping
  • Updated radar image
  • Replaced tarp with a model