Black Mesa Xen has a new trailer
The Black Mesa team finally released a trailer for the Xen portion of their long in-development game. As you may recall, Black Mesa was "released" in a rather incomplete stage. I say "released" because even though it was added to Steam back in May 2015, it's still listed as an "Early Access" title. I also say "released" because the entire Xen portion from the original Half-Life wasn't included.

But it's now 2018 and we finally have our first actual trailer for the Xen component. The good news is that the developers say Xen alone will be a roughly six hour long experience. The bad news, and you should have seen this one coming, is that they don't expect to have Xen released the second quarter of 2019. Given the track record for this game and release dates, I would personally push that date into 2020.

Development of Black Mesa began in 2004. It was released as a mod in 2012. It was then released to Steam in 2015. It may now finally be completed in 2019*.