Earlier, Valve pulled 173 "spam" titles from the Steam store. These titles belonged to Silent Echo Studios. The studio avoided paying the $100 fee for Steam Direct on multiple occasions by submitting multiple games at once.

This led to multiple games being added to the Steam store to the tune of roughly a couple dozen games per month. These were all submitted with Steam trading cards and thus attracted collectors that just had to catch 'em all. The studio made a pretty penny on the sale of the Steam cards and would pump out even more spam titles to earn even more revenue from the cards. Rinse and repeat.

A statement issued to Polygon by Valve said that they got fed up with what Silent Echo was doing.

Valve seems to be very inconsistent in how they tackle games like this on Steam. On one hand, it's great that they're getting rid of the spam titles that are put up only to profit from the sale of Steam cards. However, when you see shit like the "Buy 72,000 Achievements" bundle, or the "Buy 62,000 Achievements" bundle, then they need to take a bigger step back and examine just what does and does not belong on Steam.

How exactly is one form of gaming the system less worse than another form of gaming the system when both are working towards maximizing profits with minimal effort from these development studios? Hint: They're both equally trash and both have no place on Steam or any semi-competent platform.