Valve still wants people to know that they make video games. In a recent media round table event at Valve's Bellevue HQ, Gabe Newell stated that their studio is working on three full virtual reality titles.
"Right now we're building three VR games."

There you go, that's all the news.

Naw, just kidding. He did say a bit more about these projects but not much more.
"When I say we're building three games, we're building three full games, not experiments.(...)

"One of the questions you might be asking is 'Why in the world would you be making hardware?' What we can do now is we can be designing hardware at the same time that we're designing software.

"This is something that Miyamoto has always had. He's had the ability to think about what the input device is and design a system while he designs games. Our sense is that this will actually allow us to build much better entertainment experiences for people."

So we're looking at a potential of three new titles from Valve, all of which are being made for VR. I'm not quite sure how excited the non-VR owning consumer is going to be about any of this. I mean, I know how I feel about it as a non-VR owning consumer but I'd really rather not get the site banned from our ad partners for reasons.


However, it could be interesting because Valve doesn't really care about the whole low-end VR approach. No, they're thinking big.
"If you took the existing VR systems and made them 80 per cent cheaper there's still not a huge market, right? There's still not an incredibly compelling reason for people to spend 20 hours a day in VR," Newell stated. "Once you've got something, the thing that really causes millions of people to be excited about it, then you start worrying about cost reducing. It's sort of the old joke that premature cost reduction is the root of all evil."

Newell predicts that the displays in VR devices will improve a considerable amount over the next two or more years. He expects the VR industry to "leapfrog pretty much any other display technology in terms of" achieving higher refresh rates and resolutions. Of course, Newell predicted that the Nintendo DS would fall to Sony's portable devices and that developers would actually create something more amazing for the Wii than Nintendo Sports. Both of those predictions did not come true.

If nothing else, this now marks the second time just in this year where Gabe said the number "three." Deep breaths, everybody. Deep breaths.

(via Eurogamer)