Valve has already unveiled The International Compendium 2015. You can purchase the basic model for $9.99 (USD) or the Compendium and an instant boost to level 50 for $26.99.

Just as the case was last year, a portion of the money earned from sales of The Compendium will be added to the total prize pool for The International 2015. Right now, that prize pool is sitting at $1.6 million. Valve is already dangling some tasty incentives in front of fans with a number of stretch goals. They already have goals up to the $15 million mark, with some of those goals being new weather effects, a music pack, an announcer pack, desert terrain, and things called Immortal Treasures.

Each Immortal Treasure includes one Immortal item and maybe also a bonus rare or extremely rare item. The above goals aren't anywhere near the only incentives for you. In addition to all of that and the other goal rewards, there are also various level rewards that you can earn on an individual basis by leveling up your Compendium.

At Compendium level 50 you get Almond the Frondillo. At level 125, you unlock an alternate style for your new pet. The World Chasm Artifact for Enigma unlocks once you hit level 175.

There are also more Immortal Treasures to be earned by leveling up your Compendium. There are bonuses like coin boosters, a Gold Wyvern style, various effects to unlock, emoticons, and tons more.

What I'm really trying to say here is that I hope you're ready to just throw money at Valve. Repeatedly. Every day. Just loads of dosh.