Tonight's update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive makes a few interesting changes to how the smoke screen behaves in the game. This is in addition to some new tournament support features and other adjustments to Cobblestone.

Changelog for CS:GO for February 13, 2015

- Smoke screen overlay fades faster now when exiting smokes quickly.
- Adjusted boundaries of smoke screen overlay slightly.

- Added server setting sv_reliableavatardata: when enabled player avatars are reliably exchanged between all players and casters on the game server, reliably delivered to GOTV spectators, and recorded in demo files.
- Added the ability to specify team logos just like we specify team names or flags (via convars mp_teamlogo_1 and mp_teamlogo_2 using team’s shorthand image name).
-- Team logos now show in the spectator scoreboard, the win panel and the player scoreboard.
- Added a new win panel string that shows the team name if they win the round.

- Added ff_damage_bullet_penetration convar to control how much penetration power and damage is scaled when hitting a friendly when FF is off.
- Fixed pistol muzzle flash so it no longer stretches to the map origin at low framerates.
- Fixed fog clearcolor calculation that caused free-cam spectators to see bright colors behind level geometry.
- Speculative fix for spectating audio bug.
- Added player flashbang visual indicators with a progress bar that shows over players heads when you are watching via GOTV.
- Updated the first person flash effect when spectating someone via GOTV.
- Fixed bug which stopped CS:GO from working on OSX Snow Leopard.
- Added flavor text to the Bravo Collection weapons.
- Added 5 new Music Kit Offers.
- Added 12 new Sticker Offers.
- Fixed gamepads being reset and deactivated on map load.
- Added support for hot-plugging of gamepads rather than requiring that they be connected prior to game launch.

--Removed various boosts
--Further optimizations
--Tweaked layout of underpass room
--Moved door from CT side to T side of underpass
--Made cubby at entrance to Bombsite A smaller
--Widened arch at end of long A
--Set correct surface types on textures
--Brightened haystacks at entrance to Long A
--Updated collision on broken wall in bombsite A and B