The Australian Competition and Consumer Comission (ACCC) has provided some additional details on what they want from Valve as part of their lawsuit against the development studio.
  • Provide an email address that specifically deals with refunds as per Australian Consumer law.
  • Provide a 1800 number to help consumers address any refund issues.
  • Provide a PO Box address for consumers to deal with refunds.
  • Appoint representatives (the ACCC refer to this person as a contact officer) to reply to consumers regarding refunds.

If the ACCC's suit against Valve is successful, Valve will have 30 days from the court order to implement the above changes. The ACCC also wants Valve to bring in an independent auditor within 180 days of the order to review its consumer redress policy. This auditor will then have to send a report to the ACCC letting them know of how many people tried to get a refund and provide a number of how many of those people were successful in actually obtaining a refund.