An update to Source Filmmaker was rolled out tonight from Valve. The update brings the tool up to version for those keeping track at home.

Changelog for Source Filmmaker update

- added Add Team Fortress Item context menu option to player models in the AnimationSet Editor
- Add Override Materials now automatically adds paint and cloak material vars if applicable
- added Remove Invisible Objects and Remove Muted Sounds under cleanup menus in the timeline
- added support for models with bone flex drivers
- updated python to allow external debuggers to attach to python scripts
- fixed incorrect bounding box for models with a scale on their rootTransform
- fixed color picker in element viewer to only add one undo per launch
- fixed Delete AnimationSet to first unlock any controls that are locked to the deleted animationset
- FBX SDK updated to 2014.2.1
- Maya DMX importer - Updated to import SFM uniform scale animations, will also now ignore float animations which are empty
- Maya MDL importer - Generates a more reliable bind pose
- SFM taunt exporter - Added Z Up option to export data compatible with Z up MDL's like CS:GO models
- SFM taunt exporter - Added studiomdl.exe live update output dialog
- SFM taunt exporter - Option to override automatic options and specify a custom .qc file to run studiomdl on after export
- added latest Team Fortress 2 content