An update has come out today for the Steam client. It includes some performance improvements and more.

Changelog for Steam client for October 7, 2013

SteamBig Picture
- Fixed your own avatar in the Friends view being squished vertically
- Fixed top entry in friends list having clipped outer glow on focus
- Fixed some languages running words together in labels containing partial HTML (mostly store product descriptions in Russian)
- Fixed crash when dismissing the movie playback controls in the store
- Fixed the position of the play button when launching a game
- Improved reliability of loading store game pages when encountering network errors
- Fixed Big Picture not starting if Steam is set to start on windows startup and to start in Big Picture mode
- Fixed rare crash due to thread safety issue in some timing functions

- Fixed Asian text input method (IME) candidate list selection being off by one
- Implemented Asian text input in Steam embedded browser, both in client and in the in-game Steam overlay