But how many of those players are returning cheaters?
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With just one day left before a big nuclear event hits Verdansk, Activision announces that Call of Duty: Warzone has surpassed 100 million players. That's a lot of players for the ever growing battle royale genre. It's also the second battle royale game in about a week to hit the 100 million player milestone. Apex Legends hit that milestone just this past week.

Hitting 100 million players comes about a year after the game reportedly hit 50 million players. April 2020 was just about two months after Warzone was first released. To throw in some other milestones here, Warzone hit 75 million in August 2020 and then 85 million in December.

Later this week, a big nuke event will take place that will brings players to the past. Specifically, it will introduce players to a "new" version of the Verdansk map that is set in the 80s. This event seems to be scheduled to take place on April 21. Until then, enjoy turning yourself into a powerful member of the undead.