The green gas is turning players into undead hunters.
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As Season 3 for Call of Duty: Warzone approaches, some big happenings are beginning to take place around the map. After an update released this morning, there are zones that are now marked as toxic that will turn players into zombies when they die there.

Areas like Shipwreck and the Prison are now marked with the nuclear symbol. You can also tell you're in one of these affected areas by the "white flecks" filling the air in zones that have been hit. The air in the zone will begin to damage you over time. If you die while in the zone you will immediately come back to life as a zombie with special abilities. These moves include a far leap, melee attacks, the ability to deploy gas grenades, as well as the ability to trigger an EMP in your immediate vicinity.

Despite these superhuman abilities, the zombies are still quite easy to kill. Just be sure to keep that in mind as you leap towards gun toting enemies as they can and will take you down. Once that happens, you will need to be brought back by teammates.

It should be noted here that this transformation won't occur if you're playing the Solos game mode. You will need to have teammates living in order to respawn as a zombie.

A big change is rumored to come to Warzone in about a week. That means you have a limited time to enjoy these zombie antics before Verdansk takes a trip back in time.