Call of Duty

A private event was held today wherein a number of college football players and various "Call of Duty Partners" got to play the new Call of Duty title. Charlie Intel gathered up a bunch of these social media postings from all these #CallofDutyPartners on Twitter and Instagram. You can see a few of the tweets embedded below.

Really, that's kind of all there is to pull from today's event. Nobody has spilled any beans and I'm sure all of these people are under a strict non-disclosure agreement and/or an embargo of some sort. The social media postings are just a publicity push to get people talking about and speculating on the new Call of Duty title.

So far the rumor is that the 2019 Call of Duty game will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. There were a few snippets of information pulled not from today's event, but rather from Activision's 2018 Earnings Call from back in February. We know that the game will have an all-new campaign, presumably they're talking about a single player campaign. It will also have a "huge and expansive multiplayer world" along with "some fun co-op gameplay." This year's game has been in development for the past couple of years at Infinity Ward.

Call of Duty games tend to launch at some point during the Fall window. There is nothing to suggest that this year's release will buck that trend.