Bug fixes are incoming.
A helicopter flying low over a small city in the middle of a warzone.

The seventh season of Battlefield 2042 launched last week alongside Update 7.0.0. This week, DICE shared news of Update 7.0.1 that they hope to deploy on Tuesday, April 2nd.

This update is a minor one, as you can probably tell from the version number. It does include a few game breaking fixes for issues that were seemingly introduced as part of Update 7.0.0, but nothing particularly major is included in this new update.

The real meat and potatoes looks to arrive in Update 7.1.0. This update is said to be "arriving in a couple of weeks time." It is Update 7.1.0 that will include changes based on community feedback given for the Weapon Recoil changes that went live with Update 7.0.0. I would have to assume they are talking about the feedback regarding the visual recoil changes they made in that previous update, as I have yet to see anybody happy about how those ended up being implemented.

Battlefield 2042 Update 7.0.1 changelog
  • Fixed a series of issues that resulted in the Avancys having a misaligned aim down sight state when using multiple weapon cosmetics with iron sights.
  • Fixed some issues where the AK-24 had a misaligned Iron Sight on a range of weapon cosmetics.
  • Fixed an issue where the Laser Sight Underbarrel Attachment icon would switch off when Aiming Down Sights.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in the unlock criteria for the AK 5C and SCZ-3 being incorrectly displayed.
  • The crosshair will now be appropriately sized when using resolutions larger than 1080p. Previously, crosshairs, especially for shotguns, were too large when viewed on higher resolutions.
  • Fixed several spawning issues which resulted in the player deploying into some objects or geometry on Rush, Conquest and Breakthrough.
  • The MV-38 Condor and Mi-240 Super Hind will now be present within Breakthrough, as intended.
  • The Predator SRAW will now correctly display a dotted line indicator when Aiming Down Sights.‚Äč