Just as we all feared: The AI has taken over.
Infographic showing the activities, unlockables, and information about the Dark Protocol event for Battlefield 2042.

DICE just announced the Dark Protocol event for Battlefield 2042. This new event will run for two weeks starting on Tuesday, October 31. It will come to an end on Tuesday, November 14.

In Dark Protocol, players will jump into a 12 vs 12 game mode called Killswitch that will take place across a series of maps: Redacted, Manifest, Hourglass, and Spearhead. As players take control of nodes, they will be able to "print" up to 40 Geists for your team. These Geists are AI-controlled synthetic soldiers.

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  • Secure - AOS nodes are objectives around the level that activate one at a time. Enter the node and hold it until captured, interrupted or otherwise, to score the node, and 1 point for your team. With no capture speed multipliers, a single teammate can hold the point and make capture progress, freeing the rest of the team to set up ambushes and prepare for a counter-attack that is sure to come.
  • Synthesize - The AOS nodes aren’t the only objective. Boreas’ Geist spawner – the Forge – is online. If you can’t seem to break through the enemy’s defenses, or need more muscle to fortify a held point, interact with the Forge to deploy a small squad of Geists to ambush any enemies foolish enough to engage them.
  • Survive - Once you take an AOS node, you score 1 point, disabling the node, and activating the next one. Race the enemy to it, and try to hold it as best you can through the barrage of gunfire and Geists. The first team to score 5 points wins.​
Of course, this new event comes with new rewards to earn. Week 1 offers Clawed Ascension (rare weapon charm), Sharp Sting (epic vehicle skin), and Yellowcake (epic Sundance set). Week 2 offers Hardcase (rare player card tag), False Dichotomy (epic weapon skin), and Swift Trust (epic weapon skin).

There will also be three bundles you can purchase from the Store. Two are priced at 2,000 Battlefield Coins) while the last is 3500 Battlefield Coins. The more expensive bundle is just a combo of the first two bundles.

No Antidote Bundle - 2000 Battlefield Coins
  • Black Light - Legendary Dozer Specialist Set
  • Vector Logic - Legendary RM68 Weapon Skin
  • Rational Agent - Epic Weapon Skin
  • Pincer Movement - SU-57 Vehicle Skin
  • And the Frog - Rare Weapon Charm
  • Closed Circuit - Rare Weapon Skin
  • Reach / Grasp - Epic Player Card Background
  • Hardcase - Rare Player Card Tag
Hot Spot Bundle - 2000 Battlefield Coins
  • Panacea - Epic Falck Specialist Skin
  • Grim Trigger - Legendary Weapon Skin
  • Venomous - Epic Vehicle Skin
  • Control Flow - Epic Weapon Skin
  • Silver Sting - Rare Weapon Charm
  • Filtered Out - Falck Epic Headgear
  • Envenomate - Rare Player Card Tag​