Everything from tank turret speed, to Active Protection Systems, to a reduction in height limits are coming.
Art showing various silhouettes of vehicles in Battlefield 2042

The latest developer update from DICE focuses on various aspects to the combat vehicles in Battlefield 2042. The changes, largely positive, look like they will be rolled out over the remainder of this season, that being Season 3.

The first new feature DICE talks about here is the addition of the Active Protection System to more vehicles. The Active Protection system is already on the EBLC-RAM and will soon come to several other vehicles. Both the M1A5 and T28 tanks will get the Active Protection System. This will become a new unlock that you can optionally equip just like other offensive and defensive options on the tanks.

Next, DICE says that they have been working on turret rotation speeds. Tank turrets will now move quite a bit faster than what you've become used to. DICE says that the speed of the turret will depend on the turret itself and the vehicle it belongs to. A breakdown of these speed improvements can be seen below.

M1A5 and T28
  • MPAT - Medium speed - Increased by 100%
  • Staff - Medium Speed - Increased by 100%
  • HE - Slow Speed - increased by 65%

  • Regular weapon - Medium Speed - Increased by 100%
  • Upgrade weapon - Slow speed - Increased by 65%

  • 40mm - Fast speed - Untouched
  • Missiles - Fast speed - Untouched
  • Howitzer - Medium speed - 20% decrease

EBAA Wildcat
  • 30mm AA - Fast speed - Increased by 140%
  • 40MM - Medium speed - increased by 100%
  • 57mm - Slow speed - Increased by 65%​
Below Radar will also arrive later in Season 3. This is a system where, if you are flying an aircraft below 30 meters from the ground, you will be immune to any lock-ons from vehicle-based weapons. If you are flying above 30 meters and get locked onto, you cannot drop below 30 meters to break that lock. Furthermore, any lock-ons from soldiers (such as from a SOFLAM) will still lock onto you no matter how low you're flying.

Finally, there will be some adjustments made to how high vehicles can fly. The biggest change here is with how high helicopters can fly. This issue with helicopters just camping at the top of the skybox with immunity is finally being addressed.

We’ll be reducing the height at which helicopters can fly to help combat instances where they are so high that locking on wasn’t possible.

This will also help address an issue where helicopter pilots could stay at maximum height and quickly make short work of any fighter jet that spawned below them.​
DICE notes that jet planes will not have this height restriction placed on them.

There's no firm date on when these changes will be implemented into the game. Update 3.1 just dropped this morning for Battlefield 2042. There is a mid-Season event coming later in December. We also know that the next major update for the game drops later in January 2023.