Players have found a number of changes that went undocumented.
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Today, update 4.0 was released for Battlefield 2042. We went over the numerous changes included in the extensive update 4.0 changelog just yesterday. However, even with that laundry list of fixes and adjustments, there were still some things that were changed that went undocumented by the developers at DICE.

Thankfully, Reddit users are on the case and have compiled a list of over 30 changes that they have come across that were not mentioned in the official changelog. At the time of this posting, they have found 33 undocumented changes. This number may increase as time goes on.

#1 Irish’s OG BF4 head model has been re-worked slightly and beard was added.
#2 light bulb has been added on little birds (nightbirds) tail
#3 destruction of walls seems improved. Debris are affected + destruction bounds looks more realistic (Tested on orbital D1 and D2 buildings)
#4 zip-lines we’re added between the ships objective points on manifest map
#5 on first loading screen with exodus ship now appears that far behind the ship is some type of oil rig and snowy mountains.
#6 in options on/off switch has been included across all categories.
#7 smaller graphical and stability improvements on both consoles and PC
#8 mouse input has been improved
#9 loadout equipping UI has been changed and improved.
#10 OVP drone range has been nerfed to ~150m from 250m
#11 controller input feels much better
#12 100 xp per minute on Solo/Co-Op Conquest & Breakthrough (was 150xp)
#13 16v16 Solo/Co-Op Conquest (was 32v32)
#14 small visual improvements to skyscrapers at hourglass
#15 Smoke grenade nerfed, smaller aoe.
#16 there's been changes to Boris turrets (Glint effect missing) [needs further verification]
#17 ranger got a new little light bulb on it.
#18 Double tapping ping now makes a left hand pointing motion when not ADS
#19 some kind of adjustments to heli crosshair. (Affecting crosshair in a bad way)
#20 Lasers and flashlights are on by default now.
#21 McKays new steadfast skin got a lot darker visors on his helmet.
#22 fire mode is now by default always on and you can see it every time.
#23 New takedown animations have been added to Portal
#24 changes have been made to flares and repairs on vehicles
#25 soldier model now holds parachute correctly and his hands no more clips through parachute handles.
#26 Hitting the 'toggle under barrel button' while using a different weapon no longer switches to the weapon with under barrel attachment. You can no longer fire a rocket and then immediately switch to your grenade launcher without first selecting the weapon first.
#27 crosshairs and miniguns on nightbird seems more accurate. (Some users have crosshair bugged, so it apear at almost bottom of the screen)
#28 you can now finally ping “incoming revive” through walls and surfaces.
#29 When your own Armor plate is broken the screen seems to flash blue.
#30 Engineers in the passanger seat of Condor/Hind can no longer see the vehicle health bar above their personal health bar. The vehicle health bar still appears under torch when repairing.
#31 you can now lower your camera shake even lower than 50 before.
#32 You can now use a controller and USB devices together. I use a Razer Tartarus and if it was plugged in, my controller inputs would not be read.
#33 Lock on direction indicators are back.
Twitter user @AsheBF_ also noticed that the Bolte's missile launcher can now obliterate a Nightbird. This seems more like a bug than intended feature as the official patch notes say that the missile launcher damage was supposed to have been decreased pretty significantly.