Truly, the end of an era.
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Prior to the release of Battlefield 2042, players discovered that the hovercraft was able to scale completely vertical surfaces. This led to situations that was sometimes amusing, sometimes frustrating, but always gravity defying.

This, let's call it "exploit," went unchecked for months now. However, it seems as though the era of the gravity defying hovercraft is about to come to an end. A member of the DICE development team working on Battlefield 2042 posted to the EA Answers forum to say that once update 4.0 is released next week, the hovercraft will remain a bit more grounded.

We're addressing this in Update #4.0 that rolls out next week.

I know some did love climbing or flying with the Hovercraft. If you're one of those players, we hope you had fun with it so far
Across the Internet are a few other interesting pieces of information on what is fixed in next week's update. We know that next week's update will include over 400 fixes and improvements. We know that the fire suppression systems inside buildings will no longer damage you and the visibility impact will be reduced. We also know that a bug that made players invincible when entering a vehicle while prone is also being addressed.

Rao and Paik will have their traits updated. Sundance's Anti-Armor Grenades will have better target acquisition. Ribbons and XP have been adjusted to be both easier to earn and facilitate teamplay. A bug with aiming down sights after leaving a vehicle is also fixed, as is (supposedly) a fix for reviving friendlies near objects. Attachments will also be overhauled to make them a bit more unique.

The full changelog should be released early next week ahead of the update drop.