Maybe this trailer wasn't the best idea from any of the parties involved?
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The recent trailers for Battlefield 2042 have been real hit or miss. Today's technical showcase video that Nvidia and DICE put out is a bit on the miss side of things.

Today's latest trailer shows off some of the PC-exclusive features that will be available to those with the still impossible to find high-end Nvidia cards. Battlefield 2042 will support Nvidia DLSS, Nvidia Reflex, and even ray tracing. Though it seems as though the ray tracing in Battlefield 2042 may be limited to just enhancing ambient occlusion as opposed to doing fancy reflections. This is a bit odd given that Battlefield V was the first major title to ever support the first iteration of Nvidia's RTX technology, complete with ray traced reflections.

This video also seems to include some significant framerate drops, especially in that sequence with the helicopter. Let's just hope that this is an oddity of these technologies being used and not, you know, a problem with the game itself. Either way, this really isn't a good look for any of the parties involved with this trailer. Also, what's up with a video that is supposed to be a technical showcase only being uploaded at 1080p?

I guess we'll all find out for ourselves when Battlefield 2042 releases on November 19, or November 12 for the early access period.