This mode places a larger emphasis on teamwork and building, not murder.
BF5 MAB 38

DICE released the latest weekly game mode for Battlefield V earlier today. It's called Outpost and it will be live from today through to next week. It is a 64-player game type playable on Arras and Mercury. The basic idea behind this mode isn't necessarily about killing, but rather on building up, upgrading, destroying, and controlling radio towers.

Teams will win when they beat the enemy to reaching a set number of points. Points in Outpost are called "recruits." You get more of these recruits by constructing and defending radio tower objectives scattered around the two maps mentioned above. Towers are built just as you build fortifications. For those who have never built a fortification, and God knows there are apparently a ton of you out there, you just have to bring out your hammer and get to work. Hey, PC players, you do that by hitting T on your keyboard. You should try it.

Once the towers are built, you can again continue working on them to upgrade to three different tiers. Higher tiers will increase how many recruits are earned after each interval. Upgrading the towers also make them harder for the enemy to destroy.

Speaking of which, enemy towers can be destroyed by placing bombs at the base of the towers. You can either plant bombs by interacting with the enemy towers or by using other explosives already in your loadouts to cause some damage. Defenders can diffuse the bombs that are planted. Failure to protect your tower will allow the enemy to build up their own tower in its place.

This is the 12th and final week for Trial by Fire: Chapter 3. This week, players can earn the MAB 38 (Medic class weapon), a new SMG that was used mainly by the Italian military during WWII.

Tips to Succeed in Outpost
  • As the fight progresses, more tanks and airplanes will become available to your team. Use these to control the battle and bring down the enemy radio towers.
  • Notice how towers look different when upgraded. Similarly, they have a different look depending on how much damage they’ve received.
  • Bolster the defenses around your radio towers by constructing Fortifications such as sandbags and stationary weapons. This earns your team more requisition points, which in turn mean additional Reinforcements.
  • Don't forget to call in these Reinforcements when they're available! A reinforcement tank or a well-placed V-1 Rocket is a great way to damage towers and can swing a match in your favor.
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