Some that are already in the closed alpha for Battlefield 1 have taken to data mining the files to see what sort of information they could gather for the full game. What you find below is everything that seems to have been gathered so far, including the titles of Episodes and Chapters for the single player campaign, the multiplayer game modes, weapons, and more.

I will state right now that if you do not want to see any spoilers, then do not keep reading. Simple stuff, yeah?

Single Player Episodes/Chapters ListWeapon ListMap ListGame Modes

Also discovered were some subtitles from the campaign alongside the names of some of the characters saying those lines. Those images can be seen below.


Other pieces of information include stats for "horse killed" and "horse wounded." There is also a "Zeppelin Raid Medal" and a discovery that the Veteran Battlepack is again in the game. It's also interesting to note that there are six files listed with the name of "M_PatchFrance" and not much else to go on. There were some additional audio files linked in a Dropbox, but that link seems to have been saturated as of the time of this posting.