EA released the first information concerning the maps and modes that will be included in Battlefield 1. Keep in mind that what is listed below aren't all of the maps that will be included, only those that the company has announced so far.
Is clash between the British and Germans in the French city of the same name. From the sound of it, there's an element of claustrophobia in collapsing alleyways, a courthouse and along bridges and railways in the city center.

St. Quentin Scar
It's vast, large enough for aerial battles and cut by trenches protecting the unspoiled village of Travecy.


Monte Grappa
An uphill struggle that reminds me a little of Battlefield 3's Damavand Peak. But with zeppelins. High in the Venetian Alps, the Austro-Hungarian Empire holds a massive fort against the efforts of the Italian Army. This could be one for artillery enthusiasts.


Empire's Edge

Here are three modes that have been confirmed for the game. Two should be immediately familiar with those who have played previous Battlefield games.


An attacking team must push the frontline forward until they conquer the map. Defenders can reinforce on a new map. The Operations mode is a series of interconnected battles.

(via PC Gamer)