Akuma Added to Street Fighter 6


  • Akuma Added to Street Fighter 6

    Plus a new balance update, cosmetics, and more.
    Akuma and a created character in Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode.

    Capcom just added Akuma to the Street Fighter 6 roster today. The "master of the fist" is available to play now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. You can enjoy a little Akuma action across all three game modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub.

    Also live today are two new Battle Hub experiences, four new Outfit 3 designs, and "a slew" of new battle balance updates for all of the existing roster characters. A rundown of today's update can be found below.

    • Giant Akuma!: A brand new Battle Hub raid event, “Giant Attack” pits all players in each Battle Hub server against a larger-than-life Akuma! Accumulate Attack Points by completing various activities, squad up with others in the Battle Hub, then launch a mega-powered Hadoken to defeat the enormous foe by May 31 for special rewards!
    • Test Your Might Against SiRN Akuma: Think you have what it takes to beat the best of the best? How about a stronger, fiercer, smarter version of Akuma? Test your luck at any of the special Battle Hub cabinets and earn exclusive rewards for defeating SiRN Akuma!
    • Suit Up in New Outfit 3 Content: Battle it out in style with all-new Outfit 3 designs for all four Year 1 DLC characters, including Akuma, Ed, A.K.I., and Rashid!
    • Major Battle Balance Update: With the release of the final Year 1 DLC character comes a fresh new battle facelift for all characters on the roster.
    • New Universal Reversal Mechanic: All 22 characters now have a brand new Recovery Drive Reversal move that can be performed while getting back up from a knockdown!
    • New Combo Trials: Head to Fighting Ground and perfect all new combos for select characters via Combo Trials due to the battle balance update.
    • Custom Music Setting & New BGM bundles: Want to listen to specific BGM tracks while doing battle? No problem! Check out the new Character BGM Settings in the Audio tab and turn the volume to 11! There’s also a new BGM bundle available for purchase via Dive Tickets or Fighter Coins featuring songs from the Street Fighter series!
    • New Challenge Screens: All new challenge screens are available to spice things up as you gear up for a fight!
    • New Avatar Items: Head to the Shop and check out all the new Avatar items available to deck out your Avatar and fight with a fresh new fit!​
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