A four-part series covers the making of Rebirth.
Cloud facing off against Sephiroth in FF7 Rebirth.

Square Enix just released a new four-part documentary series entitled "Inside Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth." This documentary series covers many of the aspects on what it took to create Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the second installment in a planned trilogy for this remake project. For now, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is currently a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

The new documentary will offer players and fans "candid insights and never-before-heard stories from a lineup of the series' directors, artists, designers, and voice talent." In addition, fans will learn and hear more about what it took to create the world, stories, and party dynamics.

The full playlist for these four episodes can be viewed on YouTube. I've also included the first episode as an embedded video below.

It should probably go without saying, but if you haven't yet played through Rebirth yet and are planning to do so, you should avoid watching this series.

Across the four episodes, the documentary features interviews with:
  • Naoki Hamaguchi (Director)
  • Yoshinori Kitase (Producer)
  • Tetsuya Nomura (Creative Director)
  • Makoto Ise (Sound Director)
  • Keiji Kawamori (Music Supervisor)
  • Mitsuto Suzuki (Composer)
  • Takako Miyake (Environment Director)
  • Iichiro Yamaguchi (Lighting Director)
  • Shintaro Takai (Art Director)
  • Mizushi Sugawara (Environment Artwork Supervisor)
  • Teruki Endo (Battle Director)
  • Motomu Toriyama (Co-Director)
  • Kazushige Nojima (STELLAVISTA LTD.) (Story & Scenario)
  • Dai Suzuki (Main Character Modeler & Lead Character Artist)
  • Hiroyuki Yamaji (Animation Director (Battle))
  • Hidekazu Miyake (Cutscene Director)
  • Junichi Hayashi (Cutscene Co-Director)
  • Akira Iwasawa (Facial Director)
  • Cody Christian (Voice of Cloud Strife)
  • Britt Baron (Voice of Tifa Lockhart)
  • Briana White (Voice of Aerith Gainsborough)
  • John Eric Bentley (Voice of Barret Wallace)
  • Max Mittelman (Voice of Red XIII)
  • Suzie Yeung (Voice of Yuffie Kisaragi)
  • Matthew Mercer (Voice of Vincent Valentine)
  • Caleb Pierce (Voice of Zack Fair)
  • Eri Asano (Localization Producer)
  • Ben Sabin (English Translator)
  • Laurent Sautière (French Translator)
  • Diana Kawamata (German Translator)