The sequel enters Steam Early Access in 2024.
Unrailed 2: Back on Track. Shows blocky characters, a train, train tracks, and blocky wilderness from the game.

During today's PC Gaming Show: most Wanted showcase event, Indoor Astronaut announced that Unrailed 2: Back on Track will be coming to Steam Early Access in 2024. Along with this announcement, the studio showed off a brief new trailer for Unrailed 2.

Once again, the Unrailed sequel will feature some chaotic multiplayer challenges that will find players gathering resources, crafting tracks, upgrading their trains, and taking on whatever the wilderness throws their way. Look for more information on this one as the Early Access release nears next year.

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Each journey through diverse biomes is unique with procedurally generated maps and branching paths across exciting landscapes, or players can even challenge their friends with brand-new user generated maps using the Terrain Conductor tool to create truly frantic and one-of-a-kind game worlds.

In Unrailed 2: Back on Track, players will be able to customize their train and characters in a variety of ways, meaning no two excursions will ever be the same. As the train’s wheels keep on rolling, do you purchase upgrades like a Cannon Cart to blast helpful building components across the map to your waiting teammates, or do you set up a series of costly Conveyor-Belt-Transporters to automate the process? Feeling too lazy to walk? Learn to lob your items across the map or upgrade your stamina to sprint that little bit further and help your fellow conductors. The possibilities are endless.

Players will be able to freely explore a vast world of interconnected and diverse biomes, unlocking new regions as starting points to continue their journeys on. Additionally, players will keep certain upgrades between runs, so each locomotive loss is an opportunity to rebuild and get back on track with new abilities and perks.​