A new in-game event to mark "a new beginning for Fortnite."
Eminem in Fortnite standing on top of a bunch of concert gear.

Epic Games just announced the next big live event coming to Fortnite. On December 2 at 2PM ET, The Big Bang will take place and includes a special appearance by Marshall Bruce Mathers III, also known as the rapper Eminem.

Epic says that players wishing to join in on this live experience will be able to find The Big Bang event in the Discover section of Fortnite starting at 1:30PM. This half hour should give everyone enough time to join a server in preparation for the 2PM event start. Parties of up to four players can join the event together.

All players that join the event will get The Big Bang Loading Screen, which you can see at top.

In addition to playing some role in The Big Bang, Epic is also selling various Eminem skins in the Item Shop. Starting on November 29 at 7PM (ET), these Eminem skins will be made available as part of the Icon Series. It seems to sound like this Big Bang event will be a combination of in-game concert mixed with a season ending event that sets the stage for whatever is coming after.

A look at the available skins can be found below.

After the event, starting at 11:30PM (ET), the Fortnite servers will go down in preparation for the v28.00 update.

Three different looks for Eminem in Fortnite.