Fortnite Live

This past weekend, a little Fortnite themed event was held in Norwich. The event, called Fortnite Live, charged event-goers around $20 (USD) to enter the event that included a whopping four go-karts, a climbing wall, and areas to play Fortnite.

From multiple accounts, the event was a rather large disaster. The various activities were severely lacking. People had to wait in line in the cold just to get in. In total, around 2,800 people attended the event in which they were mainly charged a lofty fee just to play Fortnite, a free-to-play game. Shortly after the end of the event, the Facebook page for it was deleted. Though some refunds were issued on the day of the event, the deletion of the Facebook page has now made refund requests nearly impossible.

The organizers of the Fortnite Live event are now being sued by Epic Games. The development studio that makes Fortnite issued some remarks to Eurogamer about this and their decision to sue the organizers of this unofficial event.

"The quality of our player experience is incredibly important to us, whether it's inside the game or at official public events like last year's Fortnite Pro-Am.

"Epic Games was not in any way associated with the event that took place in Norwich and we've issued a claim against the organisers in the High Court of London."
Prior to this news about being sued by Epic Games, the company that organized the event, Exciting Events, pledged to bring the show back to Norwich next year. Organizer Shaun Lord later defended the event by saying that the Fortnite Live event was "for the kids who love the game of Fortnite."

"I would love it to be an annual thing. Those people who didn't get value for money on activities, we have got to make that better next year. It is highlighted to us now that we didn't have enough of that."
Maybe they'll have a ball pit next year.

(Image credit: Conor Matchett/EDP)