This patch will be going out shortly.
A car glitched into the road in Cyberpunk 2077.

Those who have started to play Cyberpunk 2077 again due to the literal game changing Patch 2.0 or the release of Phantom Liberty, have probably run into a few new issues here or there. A few of those issues were introduced in recent updates, including within the Phantom Liberty expansion itself.

Thankfully, CD Projekt Red is still fixing some of the more severe bugs in the game. To that end, Patch 2.02 is almost ready for release. The studio provided some of the highlights included in the update, which can be found below.

Patch 2.02 includes fixes for a couple of progression blockers. Another big fix coming in 2.02 an issue introduced in the 2.01 update with passives from skill progression not working at all.

Hey chooms, Patch 2.02 is on its way! We’d like to share the key fixes and improvements that will be featured there:
  • V will no longer flatline after entering the Delamain AV in Path of Glory.
  • Fixed the shutters blocking entry to Black Sapphire in Run This Town.
  • Fixed an issue where cyberware could get downgraded to Tier 1 after updating the game to 2.01.
  • Fixed skill progression passives.
  • Rebalanced the timers in courier missions.
Note: The issue where players on Xbox Series X|S are not receiving the Quadra Sport R-7 "Vigilante" pre-order bonus is still under investigation. We're working together with Microsoft to identify the root cause and bring you a fix as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Remember that these are just the highlights, so stay tuned for more details!​