This horror-themed DLC is just around the corner.
A pinball gun operated by little characters aiming down a spooky dark hallway.

Squanch Games, now with 100% less Justin Roiland, just announced an October 3 release date for High on Knife, the first major piece of DLC for High on Life. This DLC leans a bit into some horror aspects while also thrusting Knifey into the spotlight.

This DLC includes a new area to explore hunted by Mux, a new boss voiced by Gabourey Sidibe, plus two new talking gun characters to acquire. There is Harper (voiced by Sarah Sherman), an ex-military pistol trying to come to terms with h er traumatic past. There is also B.A.L.L., a pinball-inspired gun "operated by a coordinated group of little guys who are doing their best."

A new trailer also came out, featuring stop-motion work from Joe Simko.

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“We really leaned into horror with High On Knife, so it only made sense to launch it around Halloween,” says Mike Fridley, Squanch's Studio Director. “The DLC brings more goop, nastier body horror, creepier bosses, and all kinds of strange new stuff to the world we established with High On Life.”