The Switch version has also obviously been canceled.
Three players with various weapons from the Evil Dead universe.

Saber Interactive announced that Evil Dead: The Game is officially dead. The game will not receive any additional content and the planned Nintendo Switch version has also been canceled. Servers for the existing PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions will remain active "for the foreseeable future."

Exact reasoning for this decision was not shared by Saber in their brief announcement on Twitter. It could be that Saber Interactive was impacted by the ongoing restructuring by parent company Embracer Group. It's also very possible that the decision to end support for the game came from its waning player base. It certainly didn't help matters that Evil Dead: The Game was exclusive to Epic Games Store for several months before finally arriving on Steam.

Those who are still pining for an asymmetrical multiplayer game based off of a horror IP could always shift on over to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which came out fairly recently. Of course, given the fate of so many of these games, it's really anybody's guess as to how long that one will last.