Good cop? Bad cop? What about fab cop?
Image from a game showing what the new photo mode is capable of. The image depicts a large man scaled up as two smaller characters gesture towards him.

A new mode was added to the stellar Disco Elysium today that allows players to create the photo opportunity of their dreams. So long as their dreams are entirely about the content within Disco Elysium.

If you ever tire of solving dramatic mysteries or reading any of the dense, branching dialogue, you can now fire up Collage Mode. This new mode is a photo mode on steroids. It offers players "full access to characters, environments, and props from the game." You are able to place, rotate, and scale whatever item you desire into a scene. You can also add in custom text into the scenes to make it look like your placed characters (or props) are mid-conversation when the photo is snapped. Weather effects, filters, frames, and even time of day can all be added or adjusted to your liking.

The Collage Mode is out now for Disco Elysium and is free to everyone that owns the game. Furthermore, those of you who do not yet own the game can currently pick it up for just $9.99 thanks to a big 75% discount. Be sure to check out some of the sample images that developer ZA/UM posted in their Steam announcement.​​​

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