A series of digital events are happening though major studios have yet to commit.
E3 2023 by ReedPop logo.

ReedPop, the organizer of this year's E3 announced some of the digital content that they will stream during this year's event.

The entire week of E3 2023 begins on Sunday, June 11 and will run through Friday, June 16. The in-person show officially kicks off on June 13. The E3 2023 Digital Week begins on June 11 and will include various showcases, including: PC Gaming Show, Future Games Show, Guerilla Collective, and Black Voices in Gaming.

That's... that's it so far. That's all they announced today for this digital event.

ReedPop says that they will announce the complete schedule for publisher specific and independent press conferences in the weeks ahead. I almost get the feeling like this event might be coming in a little hot this year.

It will be rather interesting to see just what all is included in these digital streams, and E3 in general, given how many major studios have yet to even commit to the event. Some, such as Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, already announced that they are not attending E3 this year. Chances are pretty high that these companies will have their own events, with at least Microsoft already confirming that there will be an Xbox Games Showcase followed by a special Starfield Showcase on June 11.