The Amazon Games MMORPG to begin offering free and premium Season Passes.

Amazon Games say that they are changing things up a bit for their MMORPG, New World. This change includes a move to a seasonal model, complete with free and premium Season Pass offerings.

Amazon says that this change will begin on March 28. This will supposedly allow the studio to get more frequent updates out to players that include more regular content offerings. Some of the new content offerings will include vague things like new features and gameplay experiences.

Those partaking only of the free Season Pass will get items like new skins, pets, Marks of Fortune, Boost Tokens, seasonal weapons and armor, Umbral Shards, Gypsum Orbs, and caches of materials. That's really not too shabby for a free pass.

Image showing unlock tiers for a free and premium season pass.

The Premium Pass for each season is offered to those that reached level 25 on a character. They will get all of the items mentioned prior from the free track but with a bunch of extras. There will be more cosmetics, more Marks of Fortune, Boost Tokens, and more seasonal loot. You're able to purchase the premium track at any point during the season, at which point you will retroactively receive all eligible rewards. If you fail to earn rewards, they will be vaulted.

The Premium Pass will cost 20,000 Marks of Fortune. The free track and Premium Pass will both include 100 levels of content to unlock. Amazon Games emphasizes that all of the non-cosmetic rewards can be earned through the Free Track and normal gameplay. That is to say, the Premium Pass isn't "pay to win."

Progress through the Season Pass seems rather straightforward. You will earn Season XP by doing Season specific Journeys, Challenges, and filling out an Activity Card. You will also gain Season XP just by playing the game normally: Doing quests, Faction Missions, Town Projects, Expedition Bosses, Outpost Rush, 3v3 Arenas, and more.

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The first Season is called "Fellowship & Fire" and will include new story content, a new Expedition, a new Heartrune Ability (Fire Storm), the new Gear Set Storage mechanic, and quest revamps for older story quests in Weaver's Fent and Brightwood. There are also some in-season events that will center around things like an evil rabbit, the start of spring, and more.

Amazon Games say that each season will run for roughly three months. The Season Pass will also work just fine across multiple characters in the same World or Region. Rewards will only be able to be claimed once per Region but can be claimed on any character that has unlocked the Premium Rewards Track at level 25. If you switch regions, you lose progress.