Fans are oddly... happy about the price increase.
Overhead view of a series of factories, production lines, pathways, wires, and pipes.

The game where you build and maintain factories and production lines, aptly named Factorio, will soon go from $30 (USD) to $35. The price increase announcement came via Twitter a short while ago today.

This $5 price hike will go into effect on Thursday, January 26. The small development team at Wube Software Ltd. say that this price increase is to help offset the level of inflation that has occurred since the game's initial release on Steam back in 2016.

While I haven't personally paid much attention to this game, Kotaku notes that Factorio has never once gone on sale since its release all those years ago. The reasoning being that the devs wanted to respect the players who bought the game and not reward those who "hold off" on buying the game at a lower price.

"If you think [Factorio is] priced too high, then it is your choice to not purchase, and we hope that with enough time, and extra development, we will be able to convince you of its value."
If you haven't yet bought Factorio and wanted to, may as well do it now before the price goes up. On the flip side of the coin, maybe you've forgotten that one of the game's main developers, known online as kovarex, is kind of a shit person and you don't feel like supporting that sort of individual. That's also totally fine.